SEM Products

SEM Sample Preparation

PEC II System

​Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques.

PEC II System - Advantages

Ilion II System

Ideal for low energy surface preparation for your SEM cross section viewing.

Ilion II System - Advantages

SEM Specimen Stages

Murano and Microtest In-Situ Stages

A range of heating and tensile stages specifically designed to enable your in-situ research.

Murano and Microtest In-Situ Stages - Advantages

Cooling Stage

Helium and liquid nitrogen stages to monitor cryogenic or temperature dependent studies to better understand your electrical and electronic materials.

Cooling Stage - Advantages

SEM Imaging & Spectroscopy

Serial Block-Face Imaging

3View System

Automate sectioning and image capture of your 3D ultra-structure using serial block-face scanning electron microscopy.

3View System - Advantages


MonoCL4 System

World-leading catholuminescence imaging and spectroscopy system compatible with conventional, low vacuum or field emission SEM, combined FIB/SEM, and ion microscopes.

MonoCL4 System - Advantages

ChromaCL2 System

Live color cathodoluminescence imaging for your scanning electron microscope.

ChromaCL2 System - Advantages

MiniCL System

Cathodoluminescence imaging compatible with all scanning electron microscopes or microprobes.

MiniCL System - Advantages

SEM Detector & Control

DigiScan II System

Digital beam control and image processing to enhance the photographic quality of your digital images.

DigiScan II System - Advantages

SmartEBIC System

Characterize the electrical properties of your semiconductor materials and devices.

SmartEBIC System - Advantages

OnPoint BSE Detector

A back-scattered electron detector for high speed low kV imaging in the SEM

OnPoint BSE Detector - Advantages

SEM Analysis

3D Visualization Software

Explore your 3D data with volume rendering, isosurface, ortho slices and more.

3D Visualization Software - Advantages