Industrial Vacuum

Scitek offers a vast choice of solutions for all aspects of industrial vacuum. Below is a small selection:

Vacuum Generation

Our DuoLine and Pascal rotary vane  pumps cover all applications in the low and medium vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar. These pumps are a reliable choice either as a stand-alone pump or as a backing pump in our CombiLine industrial pumping stations. In DuoLine pumps oil leaks are prevented with a unique magnetic coupling. The use of a magnetic coupling further minimizes maintenance requirements and leads to considerable lifetime cost savings. Adixen offer a wide range of rotary vane pump solutions including their well known PascalSD Series which are commonly used in industrial applications such as coating, metallurgy and vacuum drying.


Pfeiffer UnoLine™ Plus pumps are the optimum solution for industrial applications. This rotary vane pump has a proven track record for highest reliability as both a stand-alone pump and as a backing pump for Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots pumps. These water-cooled pumps are extremely resistant to dust and dirt.
They are equipped with an oil regeneration system to enable condensate, dirt and dust particles to be removed from
the operating fluid, collected in the vapor separator and then drained. The adjustable cooling water regulating valve keeps the UnoLine™ Plus at the required operating temperature. The pumps are equipped with a gas ballast system for pumping of vapors.

HenaLine rotary vane pumps complete our rotary vane pump range with solutions up to 1,000 m3/h.

Screw Pumps

HeptaDry are our line of dry
screw pumps. HeptaDry are designed for both industrial and coating applications. They are the ideal solution for all areas in which oil-free vacuum is required. The pumping speeds range from 100 to 600 m3/h. All pumps are extremely rugged and dependable. The single-piece, variable-pitch rotors ensure efficient internal compression to reduce energy.


CombiLine Pumping Stations

Imagine having to evacuate a chamber with the volume of your typical Australian home. Such dimensions are not uncommon in industrial applications such as electron beam welding. Our industrial roots pumping stations are about pumping speed, good vacuum and the time it takes to get there. Power is everything. Reliability is even more important. Solutions range from 230 m3/h to over 5,000 m3/h at 1 mbar with ultimate vacuum in the low 10-4 mbar range. With our custom built solutions we can accommodate virtually any size.

Pressure Measurement

Measurement solutions range from inexpensive gas type dependent Pirani gauges to unique hot cathode / crystal combination sensors for measurement from atmospheric pressure all the way down lowest industrial vacuum levels.

Most accurate measurement is achieved through the use of capacitive sensors. Fully digital sensors allow remote measurement over long distance thanks to built-in Profibus communication.