Glove Box Technology

The LC Technology Solutions LC-100 series glovebox system is a complete full size stand alone system. It is capable of achieving and maintaining a less than 1ppm H2O and O2 inert gas environment when connected to our RGP-1 series of gas purification systems.

LC 1 Glovebox

The system is modular and comes complete with everything needed to operate the glovebox. It includes the stand, gloves, lighting, antechamber, quick release window and adjustable bin storage system at no additional cost.

Glovebox Usage Example

LC Technology gloveboxes are manufactured with the highest quality components available. They are offered with a wide variety of optional accessories to meet the requirement of almost any application. Unique features include:

  • all stainless steel construction
  • clever antechamber tray design so large objects can be moved easily
  • easy to replace filters which will not clog
  • ultra durable oxygen and moisture analysers from GE Sensing
  • standard quick change window for easy access to the glovebox
  • common vent line for simpler installation

The LC-100 is available in single length and the LC-200 is a double length system. Custom designs are also available.

Double Glovebox