Tubings and Accessories

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Tubings and Accessories

At Scitek we understand the need for accessories relating to your peristaltic pumps, and in doing so we provide you with high quality accessories and tubing to satisfy your requirements.

Providing products produced by Heidolph their range of tubing options are subdivided into differing branded categories based on their destined function;


Providing three ranges;

Standard: Used for standard applications it features non-toxic, non-oxidizing, acid/basic/inorganic media resistive and low gas permeable tubing material (thermoplasic soft PVC,transparent). Temperatures ranging from -50 to +75oC, also allowing for sterilization either in an autoclave for 30 minutes at 1 bar (120oC) or with ethylene oxide.

2001: Used within the food industry it is suited for foods containing a high fat content. Features include an extremely high chemical resistance, superior flexibility and translucent to ease visual inspection. It is composed of a thermoplastic tube that is transparent, accommodating for temperature ranges between -78oC to +71oC. Sterilization can be done via autoclaving for 30 minutes at 1 bar or the use of irradation/ethylene oxide.

Hydrocarbons: Applications aimed towards hydrocarbons, mineral oil products and distillates. Features include resistivity to ozone and UV being composed of a thermoplastic soft PVC (Translucent yellow). It accommodates for temperatures ranging from -40oC to + 75oC.


Applications of this tubing product is aimed towards medical, laboratory and research uses, it displays a high fatigue strength under repeated reversed bending stresses, biocompatibility, low gas permeability and it well suited for acids and based. Being composed of a thermoplastic elastomer on a polyproylene basis with plasticizers it has an excellent tensile strength (opaque). This tubing product complies with FDA (21 CFR 177.2600), USP 23 Class VI, GLP, Pharacopoea and Europaea standards. Accommodating temperature range from -60oC to + 135oC and allows for sterilization through the use of an autoclave or via ethylene oxide / irradiation.


Utilized in cases of high acidity and high temperature it features low gas permeability and resistivity towards solvents and corrosives at higher temperatures. Being composed of a flurocarbon rubber, thermoformed viton B (67% fluorinated) it is able to sustain temperatures ranging from -30oC to +205oC. Sterilization is recommended to be done for 16 hours at +250oC.

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