Beamline Diffractometer

Circle Diffraktometers

Beamline Diffractometer

An instrument primarily used in the study of atomic crystal structures by measuring the angles at which x-rays, neutrons or electrons are diffracted.

We offer a variety of complete beam-line diffractometer systems for research needs, these include but not limiting to;

  • Powder diffractometersCircle Diffractometer
  • Single-crystal diffractometers
  • Voltage/texture diffractometers

Circle Diffractometers 424-511.1

Features include;

  • Step motors
  • Limit switches and zero-point control
  • Collimator and detector arms
  • Detector mount
  • Cross slit screen 3011
  • Collimators (Inside diameter 3,2 mm)
  • Primary beam collector
  • Secondary beam collector (Inside diameter 3,2 mm)

Specification Circle Diffractometers

However if there are any required customizations, we are able to incorporate specific alterations where technically possible. For further enquires please contact us on or on our contact page.