Shakers & Mixers


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POLYTRON® PT 2500 E Stand Dispersion Unit (Ecoline) The PT2500 E is the ideal solution for cost-conscious laboratories. It is able to perform homogenizations with volumes from 0.05 to 2500 ml. The electronic control system continuously monitors the speed and automatically … Continue reading

Plug & Play Systems

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Shaker and Mixer Plug and Play Systems Scitek provides packages on both Titramax and Unimax systems both of which are produced by heidolph allowing for easy set up with no hassle required. Titramax This package includes: One vibrating platform shaker … Continue reading


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Mixer and Shaker Accessories At Scitek we understand the need for accessories relating to your shakers and mixers, and in doing so we provide you with high quality heidolph produced accessories to satisfy your needs. Our range accommodates to the … Continue reading

Incubator 1000

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Scitek provides a truly unique system which enables you to perform a number of functions simultaneously – shaking, mixing and heating with visual reaction control. These platform shakers are compatible with the incubator system: Duomax 1030, Polymax 1040, Titramax 1000, Unimax 1010 and … Continue reading

Overhead Shakers

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Scitek provides overhead shaker with a one dimensional swirling action, designed for homogeneous mixing, ideal for haematology, medical diagnostics, materials testing and biochemistry. Product Information Reax 2 Quickly clamps in 2 vessels of any size and accepts load capacities up … Continue reading

Platform Shakers

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Platform Shakers Scitek provides a range of effective and efficient platform shakers for your laboratory needs. We provide a range of products ranging from Vibrating to wave platform shakers. Each product is designed for a precise level of agitation required … Continue reading

Test Tube Shakers

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Test Tube Shakers At Scitek we provide a high end range of Test Tube Shakers for your needs. The Reax models provided by Heidolph are ideal for mixing samples in Eppendorf tubes, vials and similar vessels of different diameters at … Continue reading