Door & Transfer Valves

Flange Connection Components

Vacuum Chamber and Components – Door & Transfer Valves

At Scitek we understand the need for varying valves on your vacuum systems so we provide a range of state of the art valves to accommodate your every need.

Door valves

Ranging from atmospheric doors to large doors, they provide low particle and shock performance with operations at low vibrations.

Transfer valves

Capable of reaching low particle and shock generation we offer a large array of transfer valves ranging from stainless steel highly resistive to semiconductor orientated valves.

To enable you to manage your work easily, easy operation of the vacuum valves plays a crucial role in addition to the technical qualities. Depending on which valve type is best suited for your requirements, you can rely on saved labour through integrated position sensors and on a service life up to 10 million cycles.

In addition, the Vacuum valves are designed to provide optimal handling. Ergonomically shaped handles are, of course, just as integral to the design features as the low amount of force needed to open or close the valves. However numerous the areas of application for the vacuum valve may be, the selection of different version is just as large – the decisive factor is the right choice for you. We ensure that you use exactly the vacuum valve that is best suited for your needs.

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