Power Supplies

DC Magnetron Sputtering

Largest install base and broadest array of DC products to meet the most demanding applications

Ascent DC Power Systems

  • Ensures maximum field reliability 
  • Effectively manages arcs for improved film quality, productivity, throughput, and yield 
  • Simplifies power supply integration in sputtering processes 
  • Reduces arc-caused contamination and damage

Ascent DMS Acessories

  • Unprecedented power delivery ease and control for dual-magnetron sputtering
  • Precise tuning of film characteristics
  • Selectable frequency, regulation mode, and duty cycle
  • Simplified, modular system configuration

Mission-Critical High Voltage Products for Exacting Application Requirements

Merging more than 30 years of precise power design with the high voltage expertise and technology of UltraVolt and Hitek Power, Advanced Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom high voltage components to precisely match system specifications and provide unparalleled energy quality.

54 Product Lines

  • High voltage modules, racks and systems
  • 50 VDC to 500 kV and 0 to 100 uW to 120 kW
  • DC power, capacitor charging, and pulse/waveform generation

Next-Generation RF Power Solutions

Digital Architecture and industrial-leading RF Plasma Control

Paramount RF Power System

  • Optimizes film uniformity and throughput with unprecedented power delivery accuracy
  • Enables faster, seamless process transitions
  • Provides advanced pulsing and pulse synchronization
  • Reduces RF delivery system complexity
  • Reduces arc-caused contamination and damage 

Navigator II Digital Matching Networks

  • Speeds matching response time
  • Tightens process control
  • Helps increase tool throughput and product yield
  • Improves reliability and cost of ownership