Dedicated Reverse Engineering


Dedicated Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a sophisticated process used in the protection of intellectual property (IP) and chip and IC design recovery. CHIPSCANNER is based on Raith’s lithography technologies and delivers unrivalled accuracy and stability required for large area SEM imaging for subsequently multi-level GDSII layout reconstruction.

Products which Scitek Australia provides relating to Dedicated reverse engineering as as follows:


Deemed the solution for chip design recovery, layout reconstruction, anti-counterfeiting and IP protection, the CHIPSCANNER is capable of scanning with nm resolution generating an excellent layer accuracy for layout and schematic extraction.

Delivering the necessary performance for this demanding operation, the CHIPSCANNER uniquely combines high-resolution electron optics, multiple, highly efficient electron detectors and most precise laser interometer stage technology.

  • Calibrated Images
  • Minimum Image Overlap
  • Best layer to layer accuracy (Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage)

It is capable of image scans of up to 50,000 x 50,000 pixels reducing the number of images and seaming the smallest pixel sizes. This in combination with height-sensor-based focus corrections, the sample prelevelling technology allows for homogenous large area image mosaics with the smallest stitching errors and stable brightness/contract values.


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