In-Situ TEM

In-Situ TEM Holder

Atmosphere - Gas Cell

The Atmosphere system introduces realistic, environmental temperatures and pressures inside the TEM, enabling you to image materials and processes in real-time.

The Atmosphere system creates an in situ reaction chamber inside your TEM microscope, enabling atomic resolution imaging of dynamic nanoscale processes under realistic conditions. Featuring self-aligning parts, automated workflows, and EDS capabilities, Atmosphere delivers unmatched experiment simplicity, empowering your research to new levels.


Poseidon Select - Liquid Flow Cell

Poseidon Select seals a liquid environment between two electron-transparent membranes allowing you to image materials and processes in real time.

Poseidon Select encapsulates liquids dependably within the microscope, enabling visualization of numerous nanoscale processes and environments. Featuring self-aligning parts and numerous E-chip configurations, Poseidon Select expands the capability of your microscope with unmatched experiment simplicity.


Fusion - Heating & Electrical Cell

Fusion precisely controls thermal and electrical processes within the electron microscope, allowing you to explore sample behavior.

Fusion transforms your SEM or TEM into an in situ laboratory using the flexibility of MEMS-based E-chips that deliver accurate, precise experiment controls. Capable of delivering picoamp level electrical biasing and swift temperature changes up to 1200ºC, Fusion offers unmatched experiment versatility, accelerating your research effort.


E-Chip - In-Situ Sample Support

MEMS-based E-chips support and confine samples for all of our in situ products. Imbedded electrical leads and SiC heaters enable nanoscale heating and biasing of samples while closed-cell E-chips feature a variety of spacers to change the sample environment for your experiment.


C-Flat - Cryo-TEM Sample Support

C-flat is a clean, ultra-flat holey carbon film TEM grid perfectly suited for your Cryo TEM and CD-TEM experiments. With a variety of available hole diameters, mesh size, film thicknesses, and mesh material, there is always a C-flat product suitable for your needs within the TEM.

C-flat products are completely defined by 4 parameters: the hole diameter, pitch of the holey carbon film, the material type, and mesh size. The regular thickness of the carbon film is approximately 20 nm with a thick carbon option of approximately 40 nm.

Whether 1 µm holes are needed for very high magnifications with ultra-high resolution cameras or large open areas are needed for larger specimens, C-flat is the perfect holey carbon grid.


K3 Camera

K3™ is the new imaging performance benchmark for direct detection cameras. Redesigned from the ground up, this true next generation camera is optimized for the most demanding low-dose applications in both life science and materials science research.

The K3 camera is the complete and latest expression of Gatan's deep experience in the delivery of real-time, single electron counting direct detection cameras.