Scitek - providing equipment manufactured by adixen

Adixen (France) is an acknowledged world leader in vacuum technology. Fifty years of experience in developing innovative products for the semiconductor, instrumentation, R&D and industrial markets have made Adixen the fastest growing company in the vacuum industry.

Adixen is one of the leaders in vacuum solutions for the semiconductor industry as well as photovoltaics, LED and FPD manufacturing which played a significant role in the aquisition by Pfeiffer Vacuum in 2010.

Stand out products include their:

  • ACP multiple stage roots pump technology used as dry and dust free alternative to oil sealed rotary vane pumps
  • ADS and ADP series dry process pumps for even the harshest coating applications
  • ASM range of helium leak detectors including the exceptionally popular ASM 310
  • Pascal series of ultra robust rotary vane pumps
  • Magnetically levitated turbo pumps for the toughest coating applications

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