TEM & STEM Products


microPREP System

Enables fast, clean, and efficient preparation of samples for microstructure characterization and failure analysis.

microPREP System - Advantages

PIPS II System

Precision ion polishing system for precise centering, control, and reproducibility of your milling process.

PIPS II System - Advantages

Dimple Grinder II

Fast and reliable mechanical method of pre-thinning to near electron transparency to greater reduce your ion milling time and uneven thinning.

Dimple Grinder II - Advantages

Disc Punch System

Preferred method for cutting transmission electron microscope (TEM) discs from metals, alloys, and all ductile materials.

Disc Punch System - Advantage

Disc Grinder System

Pre-thin and polish your sample to reduce ion milling times and improve quality

Disc Grinder System - Advantage

Ultrasonic Cutter

Cut your brittle materials beyond the 3 mm transmission electron microscope (TEM) disc to accurately cut hole or unique shapes.

Ultrasonic Cutter - Advantage

Cryoplunge 3 System

Semi-automated plunge freezing instrument.

Cryoplunge 3 System - Advantage

Solarus Advanced Plasma Cleaning System

Advanced plasma cleaning system for removal of hydrocarbon contamination on TEM and SEM samples

Solarus Advanced Plasma Cleaning System - Advantage

Cross Section Kit

Ideal for preparing cross sectional transmission electron microscopy (XTEM) samples of semiconductor devices, thin films of various substrates, and composite. 

Cross Section Kit - Advantage

TEM Specimen Holders

TEM In-Situ Software

In-Situ Explorer

Full in-situ control and data handling within Gatan Microscopy Suite software.

In-Situ Explorer - Advantages

TEM Holding Systems

Heating In-Situ Holders

Single and double tilt heating holders for direct observation of micro structural phase changes, nucleation, growth, and dissolution processes.

Heating In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Cooling In-Situ Holders

Optimized for low temperature observation of in-situ phase transitions.

Cooling In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Cryo-Transfer Holders

Ideal for low-temperature transfer of frozen-hydrated specimens.

Cryo-Transfer Holders - Advantages

Electrical In-Situ Holders

Measure electrical properties of samples with options for simultaneous temperature control and straining.

Electrical In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Gas In-Situ Holders

Characterized for gas-solid interactions up to atomic scale resolutions

Gas In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Straining In-Situ Holders

Quantify micro-structural changes in materials due to applied mechanical loading.

Straining In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Liquid In-Situ Holders

Discover biological and chemical phenomenon with samples in a fully hydrated environment.

Liquid In-Situ Holders - Advantages

Vacuum Transfer Holders

Preserve sample integrity with controlled transfer from an inert environment to the TEM.

Vacuum Transfer Holders - Advantages

Analytical Holders

Optimized for EDS analysis at ambient temperature.

Analytical Holders - Advantages

Tomography Holders

High tilt and dual orientation holders for tomography applications.

Tomography Holders - Advantages

Multiple Specimen Holders

Accommodate multiple specimens for increased productivity.

Multiple Specimen Holders - Advantages

Turbo Pumping Station

Vacuum Storage of holders and specimens, regeneration of cryo-specimen holders.

Turbo Pumping Station - Advantages

TAC100 and TAC200 Series Anti-Contaminators

Minimize contamination in the vicinity of the specimen within the TEM

TAC100 and TAC200 Series Anti-Contaminators - Advantages

TEM Imaging & Spectroscopy


GIF Quantum Energy Filters

High throughput spectrometers to capture highly detailed data from your EELS and EFTEM experiments.

GIF Quantum Energy Filter - Advantages

Enfinium Spectrometers

Dedicated, hard-working spectrometers for your EELS experiments.

Enfinium Spectrometers - Advantages

GIF Quantum LS Imaging Filter

Maximize your resolution and contrast for cryo-EM by combining low distortion GIF Quantum optics with a K2 Summit detector that offers a "frame rate 10x higher than other[s]" and produces "a DQE as high as 80%"

GIF Quantum LS Imaging Filter - Advantages

Digital Imaging Cameras

K2 IS Camera

Highest performance in-situ camera to resolve dynamic details in heating, catalysis, mechanical deformation, STEM diffraction, electrical testing, and chemical reaction experiments.

K2 IS Camera - Advantages

K2 Direct Detection Cameras

Cryo-EM is being led by the K2 camera that offers a "frame rate 10x higher than other detector brands" and process "a DQE as high as 80%"

K2 Direct Detection Camera - Advantages

OneView Camera

Winner of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. The ONE camera to capture 16 MP images and video in all your TEM applications.

OneView Camera - Advantages

Orius Cameras

Fiber-optically coupled CCD camera ideal for applications that require high sensitivity and pixel resolution.

Orius Cameras - Advantages

STEM Imaging Systems

STEMx System

A powerful tool that adds 4D STEM diffraction capabilities to your existing Gatan in-situ camera.

STEMx System - Advantages

Advanced STEM Detectors

High-angle annular dark field (HAADF), annular dark field (ADF) plus bright and dark field (BF/DF) detectors for STEM imaging optimized for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).

Advanced STEM Detectors - Advantages

STEMPack Spectrum Imaging

A powerful method of obtaining detailed analytic data from a sample on an electron microscope equipped with scanning mode.

STEMPack Spectrum Imaging - Advantages

STEM Cathodoluminescence

Vulcan Cathodoluminescence Detector

Gain insight into your sample's optical and electronic properties.

Vulcan Cathodoluminescence Detector - Advantages

TEM Analysis

Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Drives your digital cameras and surrounding components to support key applications including tomography, in-situ, spectrum and diffraction imaging, plus more.

Gatan Microscopy Suite Software - Advantages

3D Reconstruction Module

Aligns and reconstructs your three-dimensional tilt series.

3D Reconstruction Module - Advantages

GPU Reconstruction Software

Reconstruct three-dimensional tilt series 100-times faster than conventional methods.

GPU Reconstruction Software - Advantages