Thin Film Deposition Materials

Kurt J. Lesker

Lesker provides a wide variety of deposition materials within their materials division, of which Scitek Australia provides to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Evaporation Materials

High purity materials for evaporation. Pure metals, alloys, oxides, fluorides, and nitrides. Various shapes, sizes, and quantities available. Materials can be packaged in the sizes required.

Sputter Targets

High purity sputtering targets. Pure metals, alloys, oxides, fluorides, and nitrides. Available in many sizes, purities, and compositions.

Precious Metals

Evaporation materials, sputtering targets, wire, and precious metal reclaim service. Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Rhenium.

Evaporation Sources

Evaporation sources for both thermal and e-beam evaporation. Boats, filaments, crucibles and heaters, and e-beam crucible liners. Available in various materials and configurations.

Target Bonding

Indium and Elastomer bonding service as well as do it yourself bonding kit.

Advanced Mixed Metal Oxides

High density sintered mixed metal oxide targets. Custom stoichiometries and sizes available.

Production Materials

Sputtering targets and evaporation materials for various industrial applications and industries.

Kurt J. Leskers' ISO 9001 certified Materials Division stocks a vast assortment of high purity materials, evaporation sources, and crucible liners for use in both thermal and E-beam evaporation as well as sputter deposition processes. They offer pure elements, compounds, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, and mixtures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purities for both R&D and Production applications. Each sputtering target and evaporation material ships complete with a Certificate of Analysis and SDS. 


Our partner, Umicore, is a world leading supplier of high purity materials and compounds. Focusing on application areas where expertise in material science, chemistry and matallurgy makes a real difference.

Areas of expertise include catalysis, energy materials, performance materials and materials recycling.

No matter if you are looking for materials for ophthalmic lens coatingwear protectionevaporation boats, filaments or sputtering targets. There is virtually no material Umicore and Scitek are not able to deliver.

We offer our regular customers competitive recycling service which helps reduce your overall process cost.