Martin Christ - Freeze Drying

Martin Christ Freeze Dryers is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of freeze dryers, with over 70 years of experience. Their product portfolio encompasses laboratory units, pilot systems and production systems as well as vacuum concentrators for an extremely wide range of applications and process requirements.

The name Christ stands for utmost customer satisfaction everywhere in the world. They develop and manufacture products in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements to provide superior customer benefits. With their corporate strategy is focused on product applications.

They see themselves as a worldwide leader in innovation, and they regard their commitment to research and development as a major duty. Even more importantly, it is their greatest passion. They constantly secure their position as an international leader by means of technological innovations in freeze drying and rotational vacuum concentration – and dozens of patents held by their company and their employees provide irrefutable evidence of this.

The corporate group headquartered in Osterode (Germany) consists of Martin Christ Freeze Dryers and Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges. The unique complementary nature of the individual business and research areas of the two companies leads to a constant transfer of expertise as well as uniform resource management, and ultimately to highly efficient synergy effects appreciated by their customers. Trust their competence.


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