X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

Micro X-ray Fluorescence Analyser

The Atlas Micro-XRF spectrometer (µXRF) from IXRF Systems introduces a new world of x-ray mapping and automation. The Atlas™ boasts the largest chamber volume and SDD detection area (150mm2) as well as the smallest spot size (5µ) available on the market. Additionally, the Atlas™ is complimented by the most comprehensive software suite including multi-point analysis, unattended automation, in-depth feature/image analysis, unprecedented mapping and reporting features, and much more. Models may be operated under air or vacuum as well as Helium flush for liquids and light element analysis.

Key Differentiation Features:

  • Comprehensive software suite
  • Multipoint/Multi-Area Automation
  • Complete Customization Control of Automation
  • SDD Detector Active Area up to 150mm2
  • Larger Chamber Volume
  • 50kv/50 watt tube
  • Spot Size down to 10microns with anti-halo optics

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    XFR for SEM - ƒX Custom X-ray Source

    The new ƒX SEM ™ custom x-ray source is designed exclusively for use on electron microscopes. The compact design, and slide mounting, allow very close coupling to the sample. The orientation yields high “flux” (x-rays) in small to large excitation areas on the sample surface. The ƒX SEM™ offers excitation areas 500μ to 25mm. The integrated high-voltage power supply operates up to a maximum power of 10 watts (35 kV and 0.1 mA depending on anode material). The close coupling provides XRF analytical results comparable to those from traditional “benchtop” or “standalone” units. The ƒX SEM™ is designed so that it does not interfere with the normal operation of the electron microscope, including the use of the electron beam on the same sample, at the same time collecting all elements simultaneously.

    No special cooling is required.

    Electron beams (from scanning electron microscopes) produce very high backgrounds hiding the trace elements in the sample. X-rays, from a true “x-ray” source don’t have this effect. Using the ƒX SEM™ low ppm levels of elements can be easily identified, quantified, and even producing trace level x-ray maps to view elemental distribution of trace elements in your sample.

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    SDD Detectors

    ​IXRF's range of electronically cooled (LN free) Silicon Drift Detectors are optimized when coupled with an innovative ethernet based digital pulse processor. Specially configured to each customer, IXRF SDD detectors provide exceptional and stable performance over a wide range of input count rates to produce rapid x-ray maps.

    The SDD detector is available in both EDS (SEM mounted with slide assembly) and XRF (various designs, no slide) formats. Choice of window materials are available, from Beryllium (8um) to Thin Polymer (for light element x-ray transmission) and sensor active areas of 10mm2 to 60mm2 area offered. In addition, all of our SEM SD versions are vibration free

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