Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography


Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithograph

The Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography systems combine the required flexibility of open platform instruments with the performance expected from nanolithography systems.

Scitek Australia provides the following Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography’s:

eLINE Plus

The eLINE Plus is deemed the most versatile nanolithography systemsn a swiss army knife for nanofibrication. This system is optimum, widely distributed system for universities and research centers that want to combine an Electron Beam Lithography system with an open platform for further optional nanofabrication processes and techniques in a single tool.

This system includes a fully integrated nanomanipulator for applications like nanoprobing, a gas injection system for FEBIP processes and a range of further options of which compliment the uncompromised lithography system architecture and make the eLINE Plus currently the most universal and unique nanoengineering EBL system in the world.

  • Advanced TFE electron column offering the world’s smallest beam size
  • Open and upgradable platform concept
  • Wide range of nanofabrication processes
  • Multiple detector concepts for unprecedented flexibility in mark recognition, imagining and analytical applications
  • Unique stitch-error-free writing modes, traxx and periodixx
  • Raith NanoSuite: comprehensive software interface with all modules fully integrated

Pioneer - Raith

PIONEER – The perfect EBL-SEM hybrid

The Pioneer is the ideal solution for all universities and scientists with equal requirements for both an Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) and an analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Conceptually, it defines a new and unique class of instruments and is the first true EBL/SEM-hybrid available.

The Pioneer integrates all of the highest performance ingredients for professional EBL and SEM into a single complete turnkey system. The system stands for almost unlimited bandwidth of nanolithography, imaging and analytical applications.

  • Integrated most recent thermal field emission (TFE, Gemini column) technology
  • Laser interferometer controlled stage with modular full sample holder rotation and tilt (thus preserving full SEM capabilities)
  • Modularity and best price performance for all research budgets: configurable system with application specific options
  • True multi user management
  • Various detectors avalible (ET-SE, inlens SE, inlens EsB, AsB, EDX) for EBL mark registration, SEM imaging and analytics
  • Compact system architecture with small footprint

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