TEM and SEM Sample Preparation

Cryogenics - Scitek

Desk V TSC Sample Coater The certified industry standard for electron microscopy sample preparation

Desk V TSC microscopy image





  • Fully automated system
  • Tilt/rotate option
  • Minimize sample charge on non-conductive samples
  • Reduce e-beam damage
  • Increase secondary electron emissions

Desk V coating systems are available in two versions: Desk V HP and Desk V TSC.
The Desk V TSC, the turbo molecular-pumped sputter coater option, is a high-resolution unit suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals. This magnetron sputter unit precisely deposits a conductive coating for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation.

Desk V TSC Data Sheet

Best in class, high vacuum sputter and evaporation tool for tissue and life science sample preparation

Bench top Turbo - Speciment images






  • Carbon Coating
  • Sputtering
  • AC glow discharge
  • Low-voltage thermal evaporation

The Denton Vacuum Bench Top™ Turbo is a capable full-range low-voltage thermal evaporation platform engineered for a wide variety of thermal evaporation applications. It can also be configured for high resolution sample preparation.

The Bench Top Turbo is the ideal compact low-voltage thermal evaporator for both routine and complex carbon coating applications. The Bench Top Turbo also supports sputtering applications for high resolution analysis or other applications.

Bench top Turbo specifications

Large sample, high throughout sputter and evaporation

DV-502 specimen





  • Rotary shadowing for metals and carbon
  • Recipe development
  • Small scale production
  • Forensic and failure analysis
  • High vacuum gate valve for rapid cycling
  • Diffusion or tubro pump options
  • Dedicated sputter or evaporation capability
  • Integrated thickness monitors and controllers
  • AC glow for sample cleaning

With rapid cycle times, on-board deposition  control and a large deposition zone, the DV-502  gives users a flexible, high vacuum evaporation or sputtering system equipped for a wide range of applications.

DV-502 options


Ion Sputter Coater

  • Fast and easy coating method (Start button > Automatic vacuum > Plasma Coating > Vent)
  • Sample loading size – max. 50mm
  • Target Material – Au (Gold), Pt (Platinum)
  • Real time displaying current value
  • Time setting as user wants
  • Minimize installation place with small vacuum pump
  • Current, Vacuum Setting / Save recipes function

Specifications (MCM-100 / MCM-200)

  • Target Material : Au, Pt
  • Target Electrode Size : D – 50mm
  • Chamber Size : 120mm x 65mm | 130mm x 110mm
  • Sample Table Size : 50mm
  • Electrode-Sample Table Interval : 35mm
  • Dimensions : 180(W) x 310(D) x 310(H) / 15kg | 505(W) x 310(D) x 250(H) / 10kg