This Way Forward

Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC) is the leading global provider of exceptional customer service and high-quality vacuum equipment, with a goal of enabling the innovation, creation and advancement of a vast array of products. 

The depth and breadth of the markets they serve include; LEDs, Optics, UHV/Synchrotrons, Electronics, Wear and Decorative Coating and R&D. Working side by side, they are making an impact on the world today as well as making a better tomorrow.

Focused Solutions

As a manufacturer and a distributor of all things vacuum, focus is critical. That's why KJLC has four divisions - each relentlessly tackling challenges that a specific application demands. Even with their focus on progress and innovation that helps to create the future, they always keep sight of quality and environmental stewardship of resources, as well as an embedded commitment to customer satisfaction.

Materials Division

In-house bonding facilities and precious metal reclaim services highlight one of the most complete and quality driven material lines in the industry

Processing Equipment

The experienced engineers and designers of the Process Engineering Division help lead the development of products, systems, and services to meet the ever-evolving demands of vacuum customers in advanced research and industrial positions around the world.

Vacuum Mart Division

Offering a full range of over 14,000 basic vacuum components, such as flanges, fittings, pumps, fluids, valves, feedthroughs, and traps. 

Manufacturing Division

World-class manufacturing equals top-quality products for all business segments.

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