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Park Systems was founded by one of the original developers of atomic force microscopy with a mission to bring the world’s most accurate nanoscale metrology and imaging instruments to a broad market. Today, their products are used by leaders in both science and industry, allowing them to make revolutionary breakthroughs, develop incredible products, and increase their productivity.

In December 2015, Park Systems held its IPO, joining the KOSDAQ Composite Index. We hold several unique distinctions such as being the first company listed on the KOSDAQ to receive multiple “AA” ratings on technical evaluations of their technologies. They are also proud to currently be the only Atomic Force Microscopy manufacturer to have gone public. All other manufacturers have stayed private or became part of public companies via mergers and acquisitions

Park System History

The foundations for Park Systems were laid at Stanford University where Dr. Sang-Il Park, the founder of Park Systems worked as an integral part of the group that first developed AFM technology. After perfecting the technology, he then went on to create the first commercial AFM and later Park Systems was born

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