Our Warranty Commitment

We at Scitek look to full-fill our obligations to our customers in more ways than one, and in doing so we have included an extensive commitment to our products.

Our Warranty Commitment to you:

  • We guarantee a response time of less than 48 hours to your inquiry
  • Scitek will cover the product transport cost both ways
  • Warranty repairs are a priority
  • We keep extensive spare part stock
  • We provide free loan equipment – subject to availability

Warranty Commitment

Why Not Purchase a Warranty Extension ? 

If equipment uptime is paramount to you then protect yourself with a warranty extension, which includes tailored preventative maintenance as well as priority breakdown cover.

Warranty extension holders will automatically receive backup instruments (subject to availability) if we are unable to repair your equipment in less than 10 working days.

Our warranty extensions are straightforward and give you total piece-of-mind. Fixed annual cost are perfect for professional budgeting.

For further enquires please contact us on service@scitek.com.au or on our contact page.