Starting out processing laboratory glassware they have grown into a complete, all-around glass manufacturer. With glass as their focus from the start, Asahi is proud of their exceptional expertise.

AG! Asahi Glassplant

Asahi’s product range includes:

  • high performance double and triple wall glass reactors
  • glass reactors with built in filtration
  • pressure glass reactors
  • short path evaporators
  • thin film evaporators

Asahi’s flagship product is their triple wall glass reactor which has a unique baffle system built in for unmatched temperature control.

500ml Asahi Triple Wall

The combination of baffle system with the fact that Asahi reactors do not have any dead jacket space, ensure unmatched process yields.

Baffle Reactor Performance Comparison

The reactor drain system prevents leaks even at the most extreme process temperatures. Asahi reactors allow the widest temperature range in the world ranging from -120C to +250C. Asahi reactors are available from 300 ml reactor volume.

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