Scienta Omicron, brings together the two leading innovators in Surface Science – the former VG Scienta and Omicron NanoTechnology.

They provide customised solutions and advanced technologies for fundamental research in surface science and nanotechnology in the fields of

  • electron spectroscopy
  • scanning probe microscopy
  • thin film deposition and
  • tailored system and instrumentation solutions

OmicronScienta aim to be a partner for customer success in research and analysis. Their knowledge and experience is vast. They offer support for more than 30 different experimental techniques, and for each one you will find a number of specialists who can support project planning, assessment of technique suitability, system design, equipment training, applications support and system upgrades.

Scienta Omicron offers a wide range of standard modular solutions and continuous access to new technologies through significant investments in R&D. We also maintain the unique flexibility, expertise and infrastructure to develop completely new concepts to meet any customer’s requirement.

For information on the product Scitek can provide please see the Thin Film Deposition and Surface Analysis Systems sections of our website (links provided). Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team with your inquiries.

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