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Pump Drives

Produced by Heidolph the Hei-FLOW series provide a precise dosage and dispensing of aggressive, corrosive or even sterile media. Guaranteed a high degree of safety when operating this series of machines, it is both convenient and cost saving. This can be demonstrated through an internal mechanism which turns off the system if a high thermal load situation occurs to prevent accidents.Pump drive PD 5101 Heidolph

Being able to achieve high precision with their hose pump, even for flow rates as small as 0.005 ml/min. The sealed housing protects your dosage pump for aggressive fumes, liquids and vapors to prevent internal corrosion and thus reduces the maintenance costs of your laboratory pump. Given a wide array of applications there is an opportunity to choose either from single-channel  and multi-channel pump heads.

A smooth start operation prevents spills and splashing of media, as with the entire system the loading motor can switch off in high thermal load situations preventing incidents from happening.

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