Vacuum Systems from Pfeiffer Vacuum


Vacuum systems from Pfeiffer Vacuum – Perfection for your projects

Pfeiffer Vacuum not only stands for the production of customer-specific and innovative vacuum technology products; as a vacuum specialist, we are also pointing the way when it comes to systems technology. We focus squarely on providing one-stop shopping for developing and implementing complete vacuum solutions. From planning, designing, developing, manufacturing and assembly to training and maintenance right through to service, with our experience, competence and engineering art we stand ready to support our customers in connection with their specific projects. The design, engineering and production of a vacuum system are always custom-tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer and always incorporate the highest quality components.

Vacuum systems from Pfeiffer Vacuum – Custom. Powerful. Innovative.

Even back in 1890 when our company was founded, forward-looking products in the field of vacuum technology were at the heart of our engineering and entrepreneurial activities. Always aligned toward the forward-looking ideas of our partners and customers, Pfeiffer Vacuum manufactures vacuum solutions that satisfy even the most challenging demands. These solutions range from the production of individual components and products right through to complete vacuum systems. In doing so, we always have a view to on the success and evolution of our customers. Our vacuum systems support both the production of articles that are used in daily life as well as high quality, complex high-tech products that can only be produced under pressure conditions that are similar to those that prevail in space. Reliability and competence in our advice, planning, design, manufacturing, implementation and service are what customers can naturally expect from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

A custom vacuum system for your success

We develop the matching vacuum solutions for a wide variety of market segments, designed to satisfy our customers’ high demands. In this connection, the potential applications for our vacuum systems and technologies range from coating high-stress tools and eyeglasses right through to the production of solar cells, thermal insulation glass and DVDs. Custom pumping stations and leak detection systems, too, number among our spectrum of products and services. Our vacuum systems are employed, in particular, in high vacuum, sputtering and plasma processes, where they are used in the following fields of application, for example:

  • Optics
  • Microelectronics
  • Display manufacturing
  • Photovoltaics
  • Medical technology

We are always state of the art when it comes to developing and implementing custom solutions and vacuum systems. In conjunction with the utmost in engineering art, we can thus create vacuum systems and products that serve as the foundation for your forward-looking ideas. Because they can only be implemented with quality manufactured components that offer perfect functionality.

At a glance: Convincing characteristics

The following characteristics and achievements are what enable Pfeiffer Vacuum to implement a wide variety of customer-specific processes, production and coating methods:

  • Long years of experience in the field of vacuum technologies
  • Production in perfection, always state of the art
  • Industry- and market-specific management of requirements in the field of systems technology
  • Close collaboration with customers on the basis of the latest processes for production, research and development
  • Integrating cutting-edge vacuum technologies and methods into existing processes
  • Availability of differing vacuum chambers
  • Highly flexible and long-lived thanks to a wide variety of robust, long-lived accessories
  • Maintenance-friendly system solutions
  • Cleanroom-suitable vacuum systems
  • Energy-efficient systems technology and low operating costs
  • Capable of being innovated and expanded thanks to comprehensive, modular retrofit kits