Pumping Stations


Pumping Stations

Your technical vacuum requirement is our motivation
Pumping stations specially adapted to the process are required by a large number of applications. In order to meet these diverse needs, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum pumping stations. They consist of different pump combinations and are complemented by appropriate components, valves and measuring instruments. Turbo pumping stations and roots pumps are included in our product range. If our standard solutions do not fit your application, we will work with you to configure the right solution from our extensive product portfolio.

Turbo pumping stations for high vacuum applications
Our modular HiCube series pumping stations are characterized by the combination of a HiPace series turbopump with a dry or oil-sealed backing pump which is designed for the requirements specific to the application. The pumping station combination can be individually and flexibly adjusted to precisely your needs. Fully configured and ready for use, the turbopump and backing pump are a perfect match – just plug and play.

Roots pumping stations for low and medium vacuum applications
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide variety of Roots pumping stations with different backing pumps, ratings and accessories. Roots pumping stations are used under low and medium vacuum and offer a reliable solution with a high pumping speed in the transitional area (from atmosphere to 10-3 mbar). Finding the right combination of different vacuum pumps results in perfect solutions for all your applications in production and research.

Customized pumping stations – to suit your individual requirements
In addition to standardized pumping stations, we also offer customized vacuum solutions. With your help, we create a pumping station tailored to your application, from planning and designing it right up to its manufacture and installation.

Pumping Stations – At a glance

With the HiCube turbo-pumping stations, Pfeiffer has developed the perfect vacuum solution for your application in the fields of research and development, accelerators, analytic and surface physics, as well as vacuum process technology and general vacuum applications. The HiCubeTM has with it three differing ranges including the HiCube Eco, HiCube Classic and HiCube Pro.

Just imagine you have to evacuate a volume of 630m3. This is equivalent to the subical content of a single-family home. Systems with chambers of this size are being built today for electron beam welding of compoenents with weights of up to 50 tons and dimensions of up to 12 – 6 – 5 meters. For functionality in areas associated with electron-beam welding, fast evacuation times are required and necessary in order to be able to work cost-effectively. TO do this, the vacuum technology has to satisfy certain requirements.

Pfeiffer has made it easy, combining the power necessary to achieve 1,000 to 5×10-2 millibars in a maximum time of 30 minutes. At Scitek we provide the Pfeiffer produced CombiLineTM utilized in large area based vacuum systems, the range incorporates the CombiLineTM WU Roots pumping station with a single-stage Hena/UnoLine Plus rotary vane pumps, two-stage DuoLineTM rotary vane pump, HeptaDryTM/UniDryTM dry-compressing pump. We also provide a range of customizable vacuum solutions allowing for multi-stage functionality, pressures < 10-3mbar and pumping stations associated with photovoltaics, die-casting, space simulation and coating.