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Used in the movement of samples or components within a vacuum, manipulators provided by Scitek are able to perform precise movements reliably. Our products range from, applications within low vacuum systems to extremely high vacuum systems requiring both specific customization and precision.

Each product is specific to a certain application and at Scitek we provide a range of manipulators to accommodate for all applications.

WM40 – CUSTOM Customized Length Single Shaft Wobblestick DN40CF

The magnetically driven wobblestick manipulators are particularly designed for delicate and precise manipulations in ultra high vacuum systems. In opposition to customary products, the motion of the shaft is not affected by the difference between atmospheric pressure and ultra high vacuum. Therefore, the shafts of the wobblesticks can be guided by the operator in a smooth and controlled way. In addition to the linear and angular motion, the shaft can be rotated continuously. Accordingly, the WM40 can be used as a screwdriver, for example to tightly lock sample holders in their dedicated position. For higher torque, we recommend the HTversion

Wobblestick Manipulator

WM40 Single Shaft Wobblestick

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