Vacuum Generation

NEG Pumps

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Non-Evaporable Getter Pumps NEG Pumps or Non-evaporable getter pumps, utilize high porosity sintered materials and pump through surfaces sorption of gas molecules. Often used in UHV and XHV applications because of their high pumping speed for light gases, in particular … Continue reading

Operating Fluids

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Operating Fluids P3 Mineral Oil For standard applications to pump down air, inert gases and noble gases Used for high operating temperatures up to max. 95 °C Extremely low vapor pressure F5 Perfluorpolyether Used for high operating temperatures up to … Continue reading

Roots Pumps

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Roots Pumps  Ideally suited for applications in low and medium vacuum and are often used in the: coating and semiconductor industry, chemical and process technology and, research & development. The OktaLine series Roots pumps can be perfectly tailored to customer-specific requirements by … Continue reading

Ion Pumps

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Ion Pump Applications Ion pumps are used in a wide variety of high and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems capable of attaining ultimate pressures less than 10 -11 mbar. In contrast to normal UHV pumps, such as turbomolecular pumps and diffusion pumps, … Continue reading

Scroll Pumps

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ANEST IWATA was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil-free, scroll-type vacuum pumps. Our oil-free, scroll vacuum pumps are compact and emit less noise and vibration than other dry vacuum pumps. They are highly valued by customers who … Continue reading

Oil Diffusion Pumps

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Oil Diffusion Pumps The oil diffusion pump is operated with an oil of low vapor pressure. Its purpose is to achieve higher vacuum that is possible by use of positive displacement pumps alone. Although it is used majority of the … Continue reading

Cryogenic Pumps and Cryostats

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HSR Cryogenic Pumps HSR AG’s cryogenic pumps are, amongst other things, known for their impeccable performance data and reliability in use. Long operating periods between necessary maintenance provide for high capacity and seamless operation which is cost effective. Apart from … Continue reading

Rotary Piston Pumps

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Magnetically coupled rotary piston pump.  Ideally suited for clean processes and those loaded with particles and dust, the UniDry 50 rotary piston pump handles applications with condensation or sublimation at the exhaust side. Furthermore, it is characterized by a low leakage … Continue reading

Diaphragm Pumps

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Diaphragm Pumps – The Ideal Backing Pumps for Pfeiffer Vacuum Turbo Pumps Through its compactness, the diaphragm pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum is ideal for integration in increasingly small analytical systems and turbo pumping stations. Beginning with a pumping speed of … Continue reading

Screw Pumps

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Dry Screw Pumps. Optimum Ultimate Pressure. Absolutely Oil-Free. Cool-Running. HeptaDry With HeptaDry, Pfeiffer Vacuum is once again providing the industry with another reliable, high-quality product. The pumps from this new series of dry screw pumps are optimally suited for their … Continue reading

Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps & Pumping Systems

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Typical applications for chemistry diaphragm pumps include evacuating chemically aggressive gases and vapors from such equipment as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying cabinets and centrifugal concentrators. Chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND feature uncompromising chemistry designs. Their construction with fluoropolymers makes them … Continue reading

Rotary Vane Pumps

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Rotary vane pumps for all applications in the low and medium vacuum range Rotary vane pumps have proven themselves for years in many applications. Coordinated accessories and the selection of ideal equipment make the Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps usable … Continue reading

Pumping Stations

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Pumping Stations Your technical vacuum requirement is our motivation Pumping stations specially adapted to the process are required by a large number of applications. In order to meet these diverse needs, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum pumping … Continue reading

Turbo Pumps

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Turbo Pumps – the pacesetters among vacuum pumps Vacuum technology is essential for making many high-tech products used in everyday life. Numerous applications in research and industry, in fact, need a vacuum with an extremely low absolute pressure (high vacuum). … Continue reading