Reactor Control Software

Automating your chemistry saves time and money

Advantages of software automation:
  • Improve productivity - free up valuable research time
  • Record, share and analyse experimental results
  • Repeat experiments accurately for reproducible and consistent results
  • Share results between users to improve research and collaboration

Automation makes your chemistry safer

Enhanced safety:
  • Run unattended experiments safely
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Set apparatus safety limits to prevent accidents
  • Configure audio and visual alarms

AVA can easily automate your chemistry

Use AVA software to:
  • Control and log common laboratory apparatus and processes
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual data recording
  • Track what you do, as you do it and repeat in the experiment scheduler - ‘Track and Repeat’
  • Visualise results for rapid analysis and reporting
  • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for additions
  • Control up to four experiments in parallel

Download and try the software for FREE

download a FREE Demo version by clicking here.
  • Simulate control of devices
  • Set up apparatus and control experimental schedules
  • Share setups and schedules with other AVA users
  • Analyse results and create reports for real or simulated data

Four software levels to suit your application and budget.

To evaluate the AVA Software you can 

The different levels determine the types of devices that can be controlled and logged by AVA.