Contamination Management Solutions


Solutions for contamination management from Pfeiffer Vacuum improve the yield in the individual process steps of semiconductor production.

Contamination management for the semiconductor industry

Systems for contamination management are our newest developments specifically for the semiconductor industry. Pfeiffer Vacuum’s many years of experience as a provider of vacuum technology have shaped our know-how and understanding of the processes, equipment and environment of semiconductor production systems. Based on this knowledge, we have developed solutions to minimize contamination and increase the yield at each step of the process. After all, we know that advanced analysis with scientific understanding is the key to containing contamination at the molecular level.

How does contamination occur?

Wafers emit reaction by-products during transport and waiting times. Moisture and molecular contaminants borne by air currents (Airborne Molecular Contamination, in short AMC), such as evaporated fluorine react in the tight interstices of the transport boxes (pod systems) with oxidants from the ambient air (H2O and O2). During these reactions, undesired crystal growth on structured wafers is triggered, which leads to a  decline in quality and a decreased production yield.

Innovative solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum

In order to guarantee the quality and a high yield in semiconductor production, knowledge about the contaminants in the pod systems and their direct environment is important. Continuous analysis within the process cycle is possible with the APA 302. The fully automated process of the ADPC 302 localizes and counts particles on the inner surfaces of transportation carriers. The APR 4300 even goes a step further.