Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Coating Systems

Intellivation are experts in R2R deposition systems including the full range of high-temperature or chilled drum web vacuum deposition systems. Their substrate experience includes polymers, metals, and even textiles. Cantilevered chamber mounted, bulkhead mounted or fixed position rollers – Intellivation can provide the optimum system design for your application. Capable of helping you select and integrate the features that best suit your process including substrate cleaning & pretreatment, active web alignment, in-situ monitoring and conductance isolated process zones. Sputtering is their specialty, including multiple isolated reactive sputter deposition zones in a single web coating tool.

  • Tension Control (dancer or load cell feedback)
  • Custom Chill Roller Design
  • Substrate Cleaning Rollers
  • Mask and Interleave Integration
  • Active Web Alignment
  • Safety Chuck or Core Chuck Mounting
  • In-situ Web Marking System
  • Web Path Optimization (front side contact, flex radius, free spans, etc.)

Roll to Roll System