Wafer Processing

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Spin Coat TheorySpin coating has been used for several decades as a method for applying thin films. A typical process involves depositing a small puddle of a fluid material onto the center of a substrate and then spinning the substrate … Continue reading

Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Coating Systems

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Intellivation are experts in R2R deposition systems including the full range of high-temperature or chilled drum web vacuum deposition systems. Their substrate experience includes polymers, metals, and even textiles. Cantilevered chamber mounted, bulkhead mounted or fixed position rollers – Intellivation … Continue reading

Surface Analysis Systems

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What is surface analysis ?The determination of the composition of the outer most atomic layers of a material plays a truly crucial role in the properties of the composite itself. Such properties that are affected by such composition are adhesion, … Continue reading

Plasma Technology

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Scitek - Plasma applications

Plasma technology can be used in circumstances where you would like to improve a material surface properties. Standard applications includeCleaning of residues such as hydrocarbonsActivation before gluing, painting or printingEtching to partially remove surfaces as often used in semiconductor processesCoating … Continue reading

Thin Film Deposition Materials

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Evaporation Materials

Kurt J. LeskerLesker provides a wide variety of deposition materials within their materials division, of which Scitek Australia provides to the Australian and New Zealand markets.​Evaporation Materials High purity materials for evaporation. Pure metals, alloys, oxides, fluorides, and nitrides. Various shapes, … Continue reading

Thin Film Technology

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SC TriAxis - Scitek

Courtesy of our historical involvement with Balzers thin film technology we have always been closely involved in coating technology. Today Scitek continues to be your local coating technology expert with solutions ranging from research to industrial production, optics and media. Whatever you … Continue reading