Scitek Brings Teclen Lyoprotect® Freeze Drying Technology to Australia and New Zealand

Sydney, Australia | 24 February 2023

Scitek Brings Teclen Lyoprotect® Freeze Drying Technology to Australia and New ZealandProduct purity is a fundamental requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. Whilst this is generally achieved through appropriate work methods and use of compliant infrastructure, the cost of freeze-drying equipment suitable for sterile production may be unaffordable in some cases, such as for early clinical trial production or for low value bulk products.

Lyoprotect® products offer a cost-effective solution for sterile production without the associated equipment cost, by providing a smart barrier system that allows the lyophilisation process to occur whilst preventing product contamination.

Freeze Drying Specialists Scitek, have announced their exclusive partnership with Teclen for distribution within Australia and New Zealand.

Teclen® GmbH design and manufacture containers for lyophilization of API (active pharmaceutical ingredients)

Managing Director of Scitek, Tobias Schappeler, said “We are pleased to partner with Teclen. Their Lyoprotect® platform is highly attractive for many of our existing clients across the wider pharmaceutical industry. Applications range from drying formulations in vials to bulk processing in the medicinal cannabis industry.”

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