Scitek partners with Plasma Technology for Exclusive Distribution of Instruments in Australia and New Zealand


Plasma Technology Australia

Scitek, a leading provider of scientific instrumentation solutions, has announced their partnership with Plasma Technology for cutting-edge plasma-based technologies. This partnership will see Scitek become the exclusive distributor of Plasma Technology’s innovative instruments in the Australia and New Zealand regions. 

This partnership leverages Scitek’s extensive network, expertise, and reputation in the scientific community. 

“We are excited to partner with Plasma Technology” said Tobias Schappeler, Managing Director at Scitek. “Plasma Technology’s commitment to product excellence, aligns well with Scitek’s mission to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable solutions available.” 

Through this partnership, customers will gain access to Plasma Technology’s diverse range of instruments, including plasma etching and deposition systems, advanced surface modification tools, plasma sources, and more. These instruments are designed to meet the demanding needs of research, manufacturing, and industrial applications, contributing to advancements in multiple fields. 

Plasma Technology products can be used for various applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, energy production, environmental solutions, aerospace, and more.  

For more information about Plasma Technology’s instruments and solutions, visit  or contact Scitek at  

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Scitek specialise in vacuum related technology, providing products and customising solutions for a range of different scientific applications. Sourcing the best tools and technology from a range of manufacturers around the world, they’re experienced in integrating technologies to achieve the best, most efficient production outcomes. 

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