Scitek is excited to announce our latest partnership with FOM Technologies

Scitek is pleased to announce its new partnership with FOM Technologies, a learning provider in slot-die coating technology for new functional material.

FOM Technologies produce and sell cutting-edge slot-die coating machines and equipment that enables researchers, scientists, and professionals, to discover, develop and commercialize new functional materials for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Slot-die coating is a precise method for depositing a thin liquid film to the surface of a substrate. It was developed to provide a more efficient, cost-optimised, and scalable coating method.

Slot-die coating is replacing other coating methods in the discovery of new functional materials because it is capable of offering uniformity, covering a range of film solution types, and with negligible waste.

New Exclusive Partnership with EnWave – Microwave Vacuum Drying

Scitek is pleased to announce its new and exclusive partnerships with EnWave, a leading provider in Microwave Vacuum Drying technology.

About EnWave

EnWaves mission is to partner with food and pharmaceutical processing companies to help them find solutions to their processing challenges. Aiming to help them discover new and innovative applications and uncover opportunities using Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology.

REV technology allows EnWave’s partners to meet the evolving consumer demands for convenient, premium, nutritious food applications and pharmaceutical products.

Their History

EnWave’s technology dates back to 1996 with the development of the first prototype REV machine at the University of British Columbia for dehydrating food and nutraceuticals. Since that time, the company has developed, produced and sold at commercial-scale.

1996 – Innovation emerges at the University of British Columbia and several patents are filed
1999 – EnWave Corporation is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and capital infusion accelerates technological advances
2009 – First machine sold to a Canadian blueberry processor
2012 – Patent acquisition from the University of British Columbia
2013 – NutraDried established to commercialise Moon cheese snack product
2018 – Full acquisition of NutraDried
2019 – EnWave Corporate listed as the 5th fastest-growing company in BC by BIV

Introducing the VACUU-PURE by Vacuubrand


Technical Highlights

  • 100% Oil Free – Clean Processes, Pure Product
    VACUU·PURE takes dry screw pump technology to the next level as a solution for the use in laboratory scale. The special design with two cantilevered spindles and a magnetic gear allows fully oil-free operation. The spindles run contact-free and are thus free of abrasion. This enables clean processes and pure products and protects the laboratory and environment. Save both time and operating costs, since there is no need to dispose of waste oil or to interrupt your work for oil changes.
  • Chemically Resistant – Developed For Aggressive Media
    The wetted materials in the vacuum pump are all made of chemically resistant polymers. A thick-walled PEEK encapsulation protects the spindles and stator inside the pumping chamber, providing high chemical resistance.
  • No Wear Parts – Safe Processes Without Interruption
    A major benefit of VACUU·PURE is that it does not have any wear parts. The spindles rotate contact-free. Components are manufactured with the highest precision, down to the smallest detail.

New Partnership with Van Der Heijden – Laboratory Chiller Technology

Scitek is pleased to announce its new partnership with Van Der Heijden.

The retail trade company Van der Heijden (laboratory equipment) was founded in 1974 and changed to a production plant for chillers in approximately 1985.

For many years they have been one of the market leaders for customised solutions. Having specialised in manufacturing special builds as well as a comprehensive standard product range.

Van Der Heijden’s strength lies in providing comprehensive advice and individual configurations to meet your requirements.

Scitek is truly excited by the addition of their products to our ever-growing selection.

Their products include:

  • KUHLMOBIL (Laboratory Chillers 12 – 22C)
  • KUHLMOBIL (Laboratory Chillers 0 – 22C)
  • COOL-AIR (Fan Coolers)
  • COOL-CARE (Laboratory Chillers)
  • MINITOWER (Laboratory Chillers)
  • SYSTEM SEPARATORS (Water to Water chillers)
  • CS-CHILLERS (-20 – +85C)

You’re In Safe Hands – COVID-19 Update

In light of the current global situation, we would like to inform our customers of how Scitek will be responding day-to-day.

Valuing our customers, suppliers and employees, Scitek has taken the appropriate steps in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have intern reorganised and implemented new business processes so that we can continue providing our high-quality customer service during this time. 

We would like to wish all of our existing customers, suppliers and potential customers, good health and business during these tough times.

For more information please contact us on our toll-free number, 1800 023 467 or email us at

New Partnership with ASI – X-ray, Electron Microscopy & Mass Spectroscopy

Scitek is pleased to announce its new partnership with ASI (Amsterdam Scientific Instruments).

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a fast-growing high-tech company based at the Science Park in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of Nikhef, the National Institute of particle physics, the NWO Institute for Subatomic Physics, and AMOLF, the NWO Institute for Physics of Functional Complex Matter.

ASI develops imaging detectors for X-rays, electron microscopy and mass spectroscopy.

Their advanced imaging detectors differ in many ways from conventional cameras. Their cameras can give continuous streams of photon hits with coordinates and nanosecond timestamping information, instead of just frames.

Their hybrid pixel detectors are based on Cern‘s Timepix/Medipix technology and have been implemented by many leading research institutes worldwide. It is their absolute goal to deliver and continue developing high performance and high-quality detection and imaging products to accelerate research.

Making the Invisible Visible is not only about technology. As a small company, they are close to their clients and offer support and expertise to ensure the optimal use of their products.

Scitek is truly excited by the addition of their product to our ever-growing selection. 

Their products included:

The TPX3Cam is a fast optical camera for time stamping of optical photons. It is based on a new silicon pixel sensor, which in combination with the Timepix3 ASIC and readout, is suitable for a wide range of applications which require time-resolved imaging of electrons, ions or single photons. The TPX3Cam can be easily integrated both in table-top lab setups, as in synchrotron or free-electron-laser environments.

LynX (X-ray)
The LynX detector series are hybrid pixel area detectors based on the Timepix/Medipix3/Timepix3 technology. They have a pixel pitch of 55 µm, suitable for a wide range of applications. The capability of the LynX detectors to discriminate or measure the energy of X-rays in each of its 512×512 pixels offers excellent performance for X-ray detection, imaging and tomography. The detectors consist of a sensor (Si, GaAs, CdTe), which is divided into an array of pixels. Each pixel is connected with miniature bump-bonds to the readout ASICs below the sensor. Go to our applications and/or publications page to find out more.

Cheetah (EM)
ASI’s Cheetah is a hybrid pixel detector suitable for electron microscope applications. The sensitivity and speed of Cheetah offers unprecedented possibilities for electron diffraction, imaging and tomography. Scintillated detectors do not have the signal to noise ratio’s that can be obtained with the Cheetah. Other direct electron cameras lack the dynamic range the Cheetah has and are too beam sensitive to be used for diffraction experiments. The Cheetah’s high speed makes it ideal for looking at dynamic processes and catching fast fading signals.

For more information email us at or if you are interested in the ASI portfolio and its possible applications in your laboratory please message and an experienced sales representative will match you with the best product possible.

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